Frequently Asked Questions

Informed consent is a document that ensures that research participants know about the risk, benefits, and costs involved in participating in a study. We want you to be able to make a responsible and informed decision about joining our research study.
You are free to withdraw from the study at any time without giving any explanation. If you decide that you no longer want to participate, please inform us and we will withdraw you from the study.
If you are age 18-70 years, have a BMI of < 35 kg⁄m2, reside in the Phoenix metropolitan area, are a non-smoker and are not allergic to sunscreen, you may be eligible to participate in the study.
If you agree to take part in this research study, we will pay you up to $599: $10/day for keeping food record for 2 weeks, $20/day during the 15-day dietary study and an additional $159 as an incentive for completing the entire study protocol. If you decide to withdraw before end of the study, you will be compensated for the portion of the protocol you have completed.
Please visit the screening questionnaire to check if you qualify to participate. Once you complete the questionnaire, a member of our research team will be in contact with you to set-up an enrollment visit. You can also contact us at 602-827-2545 to complete the screening questionnaire over the phone.
Your one-hour enrollment visit will take place at: Arizona Biomedical Collaborative at 425 N. 5th Phoenix, AZ 85004 (NE corner of Van Buren and 5th Street).
You will have a total of 20 visits during the course of the study. There are 3 preliminary visits prior to commencement of the feeding study. During the 15-day feeding portion of the study, you will be required to come to the metabolic kitchen at the study center Monday through Friday for either breakfast or lunch. There is one additional visit 5 weeks post feeding study for a blood draw.
Yes, parking will be provided at Heritage Square Parking Garage (Monroe and 5th Street) for each of your study visits. You will need to bring your parking ticket in for validation.
Yes, please bring a list of all medications and dietary supplements, including the name brand, dosage, and time of day taken.
You can plan the first appointment to last approximately one hour.
You will be at the metabolic kitchen to consume your breakfast or lunch, and to collect your food and your supplies for the following day, including the urine collection containers (if applicable). You can expect about 30 minutes for each visit.