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We invite you to participate in a 15-day feeding study conducted at the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus. Please, take a few minutes to read about the study. Your participation is absolutely on a voluntary basis; you may withdraw from the study at any time without giving any explanation.
Sugars may have an important role in causing diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, among others. To see if this is true, we need to measure the amount of sugar people eat and drink more accurately. The study will test how accurately biomarkers measured in urine and blood can predict sugar consumption.
You are invited to participate because we wish to recruit healthy, non-smoking volunteers, like yourself.
YES, if you
  1. are 18-70 years of age,
  2. have a BMI < 35 kg/m2 (calculate your BMI), and
  3. reside in the Phoenix metropolitan area;
NO, if you
  1. suffer from kidney disease or bladder incontinence,
  2. suffer from any kind of disorder that affects energy metabolism (i.e., thyroid disorder, liver disease, cancer),
  3. are on any kind of energy metabolism affecting drugs (i.e., levothyroxine),
  4. are on any kind of dietary restriction due to weight loss at any point over the last 4 months,
  5. are on any kind of dietary restriction due to a medical condition,
  6. have type 1 or type 2 diabetes,
  7. smoke, or
  8. are allergic to sunscreen, aminobenzoate potassium (POTABA), or para-amino benzoic acid (PABA).
If you decide to take part in the study:
  • You will complete a questionnaire with questions on your demographics, lifestyle habits, and personal and family medical history.
  • Your body weight and height will be measured.
  • You will record all the foods and drinks you consume over two weeks.
  • You will participate in a 15-day feeding study.
  • You will provide 4 blood samples.
  • You will collect 9¬†breath samples during the 15-day feeding study.
  • You will collect 24-hour urine every other day, during the 15-day feeding study (8 in total).
  • You will take 3 capsules of aminobenzoate potassium (POTABA) (one capsule with your breakfast, lunch and dinner), on the urine collection days, so we can determine whether you collected all the urine.
  • You will keep study-logs during the 15-day feeding study.
There is no risk related to the participation in the study. Very few side effects have been associated with taking POTABA capsules, such as upset stomach and skin allergy. An allergic reaction to sunscreen may indicate that side effects from POTABA may occur. If you are allergic to sunscreens, you may not qualify for this study.
All details held by us will be treated with strict confidentiality. In all publications resulting from the study, a study number will be used to refer to volunteers. Your identity will be known only by the people conducting the study. At the end of the study we will be happy to explain individual results.
Please complete the screening questionnaire to check if you qualify to participate. If you would like to hear more about the study and/or complete the screening questionnaire over the phone, you can contact us at sugarsbio@asu.edu or 602-827-2545.